Superhero Showdown #1 (prequel)

Jan 4-8 2016 

This post kicks off a weekly column where I’ll be talking about my about my favourite comic book based TV shows currently on the air. New posts will appear every Friday.

So how, you ask, is the format of these weekly posts going to be different from all the other recaps out there? Well, because I’m doing it my way, that’s how. I’m the type of person who’d rather hear the bad news before the good, take the pain before the pleasure, and do the work before the champagne. But I wouldn’t turn down champagne if it were offered to me at any time of the day, just so you know.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

On this week’s rundown we have only one contender, Supergirl

The Pain: We’re reminded, once again, that Kara and Clark are cousins. I get it! They’re related. Stay in your lane, Superman!

The Pleasure: As a whole, this was an enjoyable episode. We saw Kara struggle, in all aspects of her life. She faced the possibility of losing her day job as Cat Grant’s assistant, the take over of the DEO by grumpy face General Lang and his questionable tactics (Kryptonite torture, anyone?), locating and saving Director Henshaw (Why aren’t you Martianing out, J’onn J’onzz?), and facing the truth about her family. She overcame all of them, with a little help. She trumped Lang by trading Astra for Henshaw’s location. She got to keep her day job with some help from Henshaw and his shape-shifting abilities. She faced her fears about the truth about her family and came out stronger for it. Alex, Winn, and James were all central to helping Kara ground herself and figuring out how to overcome the obstacles in front of her. Moral of the story, surround your self with good people and you’ll be better for it.

Lingering Questions: Did James and Winn really think Lord and his henchman wouldn’t catch them sneaking around Lord Technologies? Who does Lord have sedated and under the tightest security that mankind could make? And what are his nefarious plans for her? Is he going to use her to rid the world of people like Kara (Does someone have himself a little Affleck Batman complex)?  Or is he creating his own enhanced hero?

Supergirl’s rating on my “Cristina Yang Rating Scale” for this week’s episode?





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