My Calgary Comic Expo 2016 Experience

Calgary Comic and Entertainment 2016 has come and gone and it was pretty damn fun. This was my second time going to the Expo so I knew what to expect and wasn’t a complete fish out of water like I was last year. Last year was very, very overwhelming. This year was a much calmer affair, which I was very grateful for. There were not as many celebrity guests are there was last year, which added to the calmer atmosphere, I think.

The Calgary Expo is a 4-day event, spans across a number of different buildings, indoor and outdoors, and is the second largest comic expo in Canada. Like most comic conventions they have celebrity panels, autograph sessions, and photo-ops. They also have a large artist alley where you can shop and meet a number of different artists that work in many different mediums. If you’re a fan of the Saga comic series from Image Publishing, the artist Fiona Staples is actually a Calgarian and is a mainstay at the Expo. They also host a number of workshop and non-celebrity panels. There are cosplay contests for both adults and kids. (I saw a lot of Star Wars: Force Awakens cosplay from both adults and kids.)

I took in pretty much everything the Calgary Expo had to offer. I especially took part in the food aspect of the Expo. (I may have eaten my weight in mini-donuts and drank way too much sugary lemonade.) I got to watch some awesome celebrity panels. John Barrowman’s being the highlight since I laughed through the entire thing and so did a few thousand other individuals. I spent way too much money in the Artist Alley picking up some incredible prints. All in all, it was an awesome four days of fun.
This is now my gallery wall of art that I picked up while I was at the Calgary Expo.

Agent Carter print is from an artist named  Terry Huddleston

Arrow prints are from an artist named Brian C. Roll

Silk print is from an artist named Johnny Luu Illustrations

Wonder Woman print is from Random Noises

Ms.Marvel print is from Blu & Blk Illustrations


Giveaway time! 

Along with picking up these gorgeous prints for myself, I also picked up a few things for a giveaway! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is favourite the tweet that links directly to this post and tell me which one is your favourite prize. This giveaway is open internationally and ends Thursday, May 5, 2016, at 6pm MST. I will randomly draw names from those on Twitter and will contact you through tweets and DM to alert you if you have won.




Prize 1: Green Arrow 

Arrow print from Brian C. Roll and a cute Green Arrow keychain from Blu & Blk Illustrations







Prize 2: Original Team Arrow 

Original Team Arrow print from Brian C. Roll and a cute Green Arrow keychain from Blu & Blk Illustrations





Prize 3: Rey 

Gorgeous Rey print from Random Noise and a really cute Rey pin from Noisy Mouse








Prize 4: Finn 

Awesome Finn print from Random Noise and a really cute Finn pin from Noisy Mouse






Prize 5: Poe

This awesome Poe print from Random Noise and a really cute Poe print from Noisy Mouse









Prize 6: Star Wars: Force Awakens 

1 BB-8 keychain from Blu & Blk Illustrations and 2 pins (1 BB-8 & 1 Rey) from Noisy Mouse





Thank you for reading my experience about the Calgary Comic Expo 2016 and good luck to everyone entering the giveaway! 😉


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