Podcast Roll Call



I’ve been listening to podcasts for the past few years on a very regular basis. I listen to them while driving, running errands, while I’m doing chores, cooking, etc. and sometimes even while I’m at the gym. I find podcasts are a great way to expand my knowledge, to learn about different things, to listen to different opinions, all the while being able to do something else at the same time. Multitasking win! I listen to podcasts via the podcast app on my iPhone. It’s the easiest and most convenient way for me to listen to all my favourite podcasts while on the go.

What makes or breaks a podcast for me are the voice and the cadence of the person(s) who is narrating during the podcast. (This is why I have yet to fully invest in audio books.) I don’t know why but I do. If I’m going to be listening to you for half an hour or an hour a week, every week, I want to be able to just close my eyes or continue with what I’m doing and relax and soak everything in.

These are the top five podcasts that I listen to on the regular and I absolutely adore them in no particular order.

Another Round with Heben & Tracy

Another Round is absolutely funny, informative, a thought-provoking podcast that I started to listen to earlier this year. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton just bring this energy to their podcast that really draws you in and into the conversation they are having. Both ladies are just amazing and the content they bring every single week is just excellent. They cover a vast scope of different and poignant topics in each podcast. I highly recommend Another Round.

Call Your Girlfriend

I have been listening to Call Your Girlfriend since its very first episode, I have grown to love it more and more with every single new podcast. The tagline for CYF is “a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere” which really describes the podcast and all the different and vast content they cover. (They cover a lot of content!) The podcast, hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, is really like a dropping into a conversation that you’re having with your girlfriends every week. It’s magnificent and I look forward to it every week. Listen to Call Your Girlfriend if you haven’t already. Do it!

Book Riot: The Podcast

The Book Riot Podcast is the original Book Riot podcast (it has four at the moment) and it a weekly podcast that talks about books and publishing. As a person who loves books and wants to know more about publishing this has been an eye-opening and informative podcast. I’ve been a fan of Book Riot for years and have been listening to this podcast since its inception. I’ve learnt so much about books and publishing and all these different issues that affect these two things. Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Schinsky host the podcast and both of them have awesome voices. If you like books, I would definitely recommend this podcast.

Get Booked

Get Booked is another podcast from Book Riot and is hosted by Amanda Nelson and Jenn Northington. (Two very awesome ladies!) This show is a weekly book recommendation show where listeners send in queries about books and subjects they want to read and Amanda and Jenn answer them. This show has been amazing in terms of all the different and cools book recommendations that Amanda and Jenn offer. My TBR has grown ten-fold because of the podcast and all the different questions and books that these two ladies cover. It’s a great podcast that I look forward to listening to every week and all the different types of books that are out there in the world.

All The Books

All The Books is yet another podcast from Book Riot. (Book Riot is an amazing site and they’ve created some really excellent podcasts that I love listening to.) Rebecca Schinsky and Liberty Hardy host this podcast about books that are being released or about to be released. (Ps: the amount of books that Liberty reads amazes the hell out of me! She is a T-Rex when it comes to reading.) I just love listening to these two ladies talk about books, and like Get Booked my TBR has grown ten-fold from all the books that are mentioned on the podcast. If you want to learn about some the books that are about to be released, definitely check out All The Books.


Do you like podcasts? What do you like about them most? What do you look for in podcasts? What are some of your favourites? 



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