Spotlight on Rebekah Weatherspoon

The tagline on Rebekah Weatherspoon’s website reads “where happily ever afters are always in color” and it perfectly encapsulates the worlds that she creates in all her books. She quickly became one of my favourite and go-to romance authors after reading only one of her books (yes, she’s that good) and why I’ve chosen to spotlight her in this series.

I discovered Rebekah and her books via Twitter. It was around the time that the first novel in her newest series, Beards and Bondage, was about to be released, and I was in the market for a new romance. Haven was the first book in that series, and what a book and introduction it was to Rebekah’s work. It started off with one of the most heart-pounding and harrowing chapters that I’ve ever come across in a romance novel. It grabbed me by my shirt collar and didn’t let go till I put down the book. The book revolved around the two characters of Claudia and Shepard, who both drew me into their stories instantly, both characters were so fully realized and rich that I just couldn’t turn away from what was happening on the pages in front of me. Long story short, after devouring Haven, I quickly grabbed every other book from Rebekah that I could get my little grubby hands on and I’ve never looked back.

If you haven’t heard of Rebekah Weatherspoon, let me give you a quick rundown. Rebekah didn’t start off writing romance for a living. She actually worked in a number of different positions prior to her award-winning writing career. Some of those jobs included being a teacher, a meter maid, and a reality TV chauffeur. Rebekah is a woman of colour and identifies as queer, and her identity is reflected in the types of stories that she writes and the stories she promotes. Rebekah is the creative mind behind WOC in Romance, an organization dedicated to promoting women of colour in romance fiction. She manages the organization and helps to promote new novels released by authors of colour, both from indie and traditional publishers, on a weekly basis. She’s written over a dozen novels, all of them falling into the contemporary and paranormal romance categories (every one of them brilliant). The characters that live the pages of her many books are not only diverse and inclusive, but some of the most multi-faceted and fully realized characters that I’ve come across in years. She’s also written some of the hottest, page-turning, grab-yourself-a-fan sexytime scenes that I’ve read, ever.

What I love most about Rebekah’s writing is that she has a way of creating characters that you can connect with on many different levels, almost instantly. You feel for them, you hurt with them, you fall in love with them, and you cheer for them as they succeed and defeat all the odds to find their piece of happiness in the word, whatever definition of happiness that may be. Rebekah’s novels are incredibly inclusive, they are not only sex-positive and body-positive, and they also include different kinds of relationships from lesbian, to BDSM, to May-December romances. Did I also mention that a lot of her books are populated by cute-as-hell puppies because they do, and made me desperately want to go out and adopt a dog after I reading them. Her writing is non-apologetic in the best way possible, and I love that. I have loved every single one of her books that I’ve read.

Rebekah’s newest novella, Wrapped, is the fourth book in her Fit series and debuted right around Christmas last year. It’s also one of the most delicious novellas that I’ve read. (Be forewarned, the book contains many delicious and yummy sounding pastries that will make your mouth water.) The story centres around Shae Kenney, a brilliant pastry chef and bakery owner, who had her heart broken after a painful divorce. Spurred on by her friends, Shae joins a dating app and gets matched with Aidan Meyer, a hot bespectacled man from her past. As their relationship begins to blooms, the trauma of Shae’s past heartbreak threatens the future of her relationship with Aidan, and the possibility of real true love.

Up next from Rebekah is the third and fourth novel in her Beards and Bondage series that will hit shelves this spring, so keep an out for them.

Considering Rebekah has written over a dozen novels, these are my top three recommendations that you should totally go pick up and read as soon as possible. I promise that you will not regret it.

1. Sanctuary


2. Fit


3. Treasure 


Rebekah Weatherspoon is one of the best romance authors that I’ve had the pleasure of reading and one that if you haven’t discovered yet, you totally should explore. I have no regrets and I don’t think you will either.

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