Spotlight on Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert is a name you may or may not have heard of before, but one I’m sure that you’ll definitely hear about more and more in the future when it comes to the world of romance genre.

Talia kind of stormed onto my reading list. One moment I had heard whispers of her work and then the next thing I know my TBR list was filled with all of her books. While she began writing romance at the age of 12, she officially started publishing her novels in 2017 through her own digital publishing house, Nixon House, which is named after her grandmother. To date, she’s published a whopping 12 books with 4 more on the way in the near future. She did all of this while going to school, which absolutely amazes me as I am barely managing school work and a full-time job. She’s a pretty prolific writer, and I am greedily happy about that.

Talia is a Black British author who, in her own words, writes, “steamy, diverse romance because she believes that people of marginalized identities need honest and positive representations.” And she does just that. She writes really exquisite and beautiful stories, filled with characters that are human, who have flaws, who aren’t perfect, and that are completely relatable. She celebrates these characters in all their glory and mess and it adds that much more depth to the stories she writes. I love that about her books and I love that she continues to write these amazing stories and create these very human characters with every book she writes.

What I love most about Talia’s writing beyond her incredible ability to create stories and characters of incredible depth is that she holds nothing back in her writing. She explores our deepest desires, our darkest fears, and pain so deep that it can steal one’s breath in an astonishingly eloquent and heartfelt manner. She tackles a subject like mental illness with care and understanding. She writes stories that show us that we are all worthy of love, no matter our past or flaws or family or other extenuating circumstances. Her stories help perpetuate that idea especially because of the diversity of her characters that live within her books. As a woman of colour, that’s an incredibly beautiful thing to see and read.

While Talia mainly writes contemporary romance novels set in the United Kingdom, she has started to wet her feet in the world of paranormal romance with her novel Mating the Huntress. I’ve even heard that she may even start exploring the world of historical romance as well, which makes me extremely excited to see how she takes on that particular sub-genre of romance.

Since Talia has written about a dozen novels, these are my top three recommendations that you should go pick up and read as soon as possible. I can promise you that you will not regret it!

1. A Girl Like Her aglh

2. Bad for the Boss 


3. The Princess Trap 


Where you can find Talia:

Website / Twitter / Instagram 

I hoped you enjoyed this latest “Spotlight” post on one of my favourite romance authors. Look out for more “Spotlight” articles in the future. Thanks for reading!



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