Spotlight on Susannah Nix

You know that smile that grows on your face, almost unassumingly as you fall in love with the characters and the story that you are reading? That smile that grows and grows, that creates a source of joy from within, that adds fuel to your desire to finish said book in one sitting and ignore everything and everyone else in your life? Well, that’s how I feel every time I read one of Susannah Nix’s novels, and it’s a great feeling, to be honest.

I “met” Susannah via the world of online fandom a few years ago and have been a fan of her work ever since. In her own words, she’s the writer of, “contemporary romances featuring smart women and swoony men”. Her novels are smart, funny, and incredibly heartfelt. Not only do her novels bring that fun and happiness that can light up your world as you read them, she also creates incredibly human and relatable characters within the pages of her novels that make you want to cheer and cry with them as you journey through each of their stories.

Her first professionally published series of romance novels, Chemistry Lessons, is a series of standalone romantic comedies featuring STEM heroines and their swoony heroes. It’s a series that I fell in love with from the onset. I especially loved all three different heroines each book centres on and how different they are from one another,  but how they’ve come together to build this community of friendship and support all thanks to knitting. I love all three of the books and will add that you’ll probably be craving lavender-flavoured latte after reading the latest book in the series, Advanced Physical Chemistry. I know I did, so very badly.

(PS: I’ve also heard that there will be a fourth novel in the series coming out later this year focusing on Olivia’s story, so be on the lookout for that!)

Susannah’s latest series follows relatable women who capture the hearts of Hollywood’s hunkiest heartthrobs in the aptly named Starstruck series. Rising Star is the first book in this series and follows Ph.D. candidate Alice Carlise as her life becomes inextricably intertwined with workaholic heartthrob Griffin Beach. The second book in the series that is set to debut next Tuesday (March 5, 2019) is called Fallen Star. Grace Speer is a Hollywood script supervisor, and she’s seen it all and isn’t mildly impressed by Scott Deacon, resident Hollywood bad boy and her new neighbour. This novel will delight any lover of the enemies-to-lovers trope, aka. ME. I’ve already pre-ordered it and you can too, and I mean why wouldn’t you. Just look at the cover!


Picking a top three of my favourite Susannah Nix books isn’t a hardship since they consist of all three of the books from her Chemistry Lessons series (I’ve just ranked them in my favourite order). I’m currently reading Rising Star and am loving it. I highly recommend you check out her entire catalogue!

1. Intermediate Thermodynamics


2. Advanced Physical Chemistry


3. Remedial Rocket Science 



Where you can find Susannah:

Website/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook

I hoped you enjoyed this latest “Spotlight” post on one of my favourite romance authors. Look out for more “Spotlight” articles in the future. Thanks for reading!


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