Spotlight on Nadia Lee

If you’re looking for billionaires in contemporary romance then Nadia Lee has got you covered. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Nadia has written well over two-dozen novels in the past decade. Her sexy, emotional contemporary novels focus not only on the relationships between heterosexual couples but also the families they hail from and the baggage that usually arises – add in more than a few billionaires and movie stars and you’ve got yourself some very addictive romance novels.

Nadia like many other romance writers didn’t come from an exclusive arts background, for years she had a career in management consultant concentrating in commerce and economics. In the last few years, Nadia has travelled the world, lived in four different countries, and has even been bitten by a shark. While writing is her main passion she can be found studying historical Asian texts or planning another whirlwind trip. She currently lives in Japan with her husband and little boy.

What drew me to Nadia’s book was a free e-book. I had seen it on the Top 50 free e-books and pounced on it. I then promptly devoured said book and then the rest of the series that the book hailed from and then a whole other series from the author in mere weeks. I really couldn’t help myself – they were really addictive. Not only did I want to find out how these couples came together and got their HEAs, but I also really wanted to find out about their families who featured as characters in many of the books.

It’s arguably one of the things I like best about Nadia’s books, it’s that she creates these characters and these families that are very real, flawed, and undeniably human. The interaction between all of these characters drives the stories forward and pulls you into their story as a whole and thus makes you want to read all the books that are interconnected with one another.

My top three books from Nadia are:

1 – The Billionaire’s Revenge


2 – The Billionaire’s Counterfeit Girlfriend


3 – The Billionaire’s Holiday Bride


Nadia’s latest book Sins debuts May 27, 2019, and is the first book in her new Sins Triology.

Where you can find Nadia:

Website/ Instagram/ Twitter

I hoped you enjoyed this latest “Spotlight” post on one of my favourite romance authors. Look out for more “Spotlight” articles in the future. Thanks for reading!


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