Spotlight on Ruby Lang

Sometimes you stumble upon a book at just the right time. Maybe it’s that book that you’ve had on hold for forever at the library and it unexpectedly comes through or it could be a book that someone who knows you recommends a certain book to you. It could even be a book that comes serendipitously on sale just when you needed it and you never knew you did.

It’s a kind of magic when that happens when everything lines up and in your hand is this book that opens up your heart and mind to the journey the author is about to take you on. It’s one of the many things I love about reading and books in general.

I stumbled onto such a book last year, at a time that I desperately needed the assurance that everything would be okay. That book was Hard Knocks by Ruby Lang.

Ruby Lang is a contemporary romance author who has written a number of acclaimed novels over the past few years. Her books feature diverse, smart, thoughtful, and sexy characters and storylines that work to carve out spaces for themselves and their relationships in their journey towards their happily ever afters. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy reading her novels so much, I love seeing characters grow into their own and become these incredibly multifaceted, albeit fictional, beings. It’s something that Ruby explores in every one of her novels and I love it.

When Ruby isn’t writing romance novels her alter ego Mindy Huang is an editor and essayist who has written for The Toast, The NYT, The Walrus, and several other publications. Originally from Canada, Ruby now calls New York her home where she lives with her husband and child.

The reason that I connected and unsuspectingly needed Ruby’s novel Hard Knocks at the end of last year was that I was facing a similar experience that the main character of the novel was. Both the heroine of the book and I had father’s facing deteriorative neurological medical conditions that could not be fixed by modern medicine. In a period of my life where I really couldn’t see past this wall of darkness, Hard Knocks lit this flame of hope. It gave me that bit of hope that things could be okay. It was the perfect book, read at just the right time.

Luckily for you, Ruby’s acclaimed Practice Perfect series, that centres on three female friends who own a medical practice together is available in a digital omnibus version. It features all three of my top picks from Ruby:

  1. Hard Knocks
  2. Clean Breaks
  3. Acute Reactions

Ruby’s newest novel Playing House just debuted. The book centres on thirty-somethings Fay and Oliver, urban planners with a love of historical architecture, both of whom are trying to navigate the next steps in their lives after taking some unexpected turns. An unexpected meeting turns the two of them into house hunting faux newlyweds, Olly and Darling, and unexpectedly something a lot more real as they spend more and more time with one another. It’s the first book in Ruby’s new romance series Uptown. The second book in the series, Open House, is set to debut November 11, 2019.

Where you can find Ruby:

Website/ Instagram/ Twitter 

I hoped you enjoyed this latest “Spotlight” post on one of my favourite romance authors. Look out for more “Spotlight” articles in the future. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Spotlight on Ruby Lang

  1. I love the idea of doing a spotlight on some of your favourite authors. I haven’t read anything by Ruby Lang (yet!) but your post has me intrigued. I think her books would be ones I’d enjoy to read. I’m keen to give Hard Knocks a try 🙂 Great post!

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