Reflection | Autumn 2019

I turn 27 years old today.

To be honest, 27 is a weird age – at least for me. I’m still in my 20s but I’m closing in on my 30s, and I’m in this weird holding pattern where I can see what I’ve accomplished but I haven’t reached any of the goals I thought I would at this age. The only metaphor that I can think of that relates to what I’m feeling is that I’m in motion with a waterlogged navigation system and I don’t know how to fix it. And I hate it, especially because I’m used to either solving everything or at least shoulder the weight of having to solve everything.

It’s a really weird time in my life.

I honestly don’t know where September and October went. One moment I was headed into my last-ish semester of school and the next thing I know half the semester is over and it’s November already. It is absolutely bonkers. I think about the same time last year and the fear I felt as we prepared to bring my Dad home from the hospital, wondering if we could handle the new normal as a family. And we did, we survived and are continuing to survive. And on Sunday, I got to spend my birthday surrounded by most of my family, including my Dad which was absolutely considering everything that has happened in the past 18- or so months.

It’s been a crazy two months learning to balance school, work, family, and my own personal life all over again. I’ve definitely felt like I was treading water at some points over the past two months, really just coming to grips with everything around me, especially after the gloom that engulfed me most of the summer.

I didn’t really get much reading done over the past two months – mostly because I didn’t have the spare time to and also because I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. I’m having a really hard time picking up a physical book and just concentrating my mind on what I’m reading. While I love print books, my digital reading has definitely gone up this past year just because of the convenience of having a whole bookshelf with me at all times thanks to my phone. I probably do around 75% of my reading digitally now, which is never something I thought I would say because I was a staunch print-only reader when I was younger. But as the saying goes “never say never”.

I do want to quickly mention a couple of things that I really enjoyed this past couple of months.

I started watching Grimm again thanks to Amazon Prime Video. I kind of watched the series while it was on the air but I didn’t follow it regularly. I really got into it during my re-watch, like really got into it so much so that I re-watched the certain seasons probably three or four times through during the past couple of months. I know some people are not going to agree with me but I kind of dug the last few seasons of the series, especially the development of the relationship between Nick and Adalind. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but their relationship worked for me. Plus the episodes were fun and I didn’t have to concentrate too hard on the plot.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show on – also on Prime Video – was another season stand out. Not only did I love getting to see a lingerie show that was beautiful, powerful, and inclusive in its creation and execution, I just loved watching Rihanna be a BOSS. She’s this absolute powerhouse, completely confident and sure of what she wanted and unafraid of letting the world know that. May we all live up to the level of BOSS that is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Not only have Corsx acne pimple patches been a total lifesaver this month, but they also really work. They adhere to your skin beautifully and just draw all the nasty right out. I didn’t really think that I would love these patches as much as I do, but I cannot live without them anymore.

I’ve really found that sometimes it’s the smallest things are the things that can keep you going, and keep you moving forward. It’s one of the most important lessons that I’ve learnt in my 27 years of life – find your moments of joy, however big or small, and savour it as much as you, when you can.

Thanks for reading!



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