My Go-To Lo-fi Playlists

One of the major reasons that I have been able to really get anything that I needed done throughout these last few months has been because of lo-fi music.

Lo-fi music is sound productions that have slight imperfections to them that would be considered errors in traditional scores. These “imperfections” become intentional in lo-fi music and become integral parts of the listening experience. These lo-fi playlists or livestreams offer familiar sounds to the listener – many of which are environmental sounds (eg. crackling fireplaces, rain, wind, etc.) and when combined with the intentional tracks offer this soothing, therapeutic listening experience that puts one’s mind at ease.

These calming playlists have been able to calm my mind and ease my anxiety like no other solution has these past few months. With these playlists I’ve been able to calm my mind down to a point where I can write, read, study, or just go about my day completing the many tasks I have on my to-do list.

These playlists generally have the nicest, most encouraging comments I’ve ever seen on the internet.

Below are my go-to lo-fi playlists. These are the playlists that I listen to constantly and that have helped me the most. I hope they can offer you an escape and calm for an hour or two like they have me.

Most Listened To:

The Jazzhop One:

The Upbeat Chill One:

The One I Relax To:

The Slytherin Common Room One:

The One I Write to The Most:

The One I Study to The Most:

The Summery Vibes One:

My Newest Favourite:

I hope you have an amazing listening experience with these playlists that I have. I hope that you’re able to accomplish all that you set out to do. You got this!

Thanks for reading!


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