February – April 2017 | Book Musings

Time has a way of getting away from me, especially when I become immersed in a book or a similar task. The last three months have been a wild, unexpected, exhausting, somewhat harrowing journey and the books that I read were definitely a form of escape for me. Many of the books I read over the last three months have also been a source of … Continue reading February – April 2017 | Book Musings

Why I Won’t Be Watching Iron Fist

Imagine growing up as a child, watching characters that make you cheer, or smile, or cry on the small and silver screens. Imagine wanting to practice the same craft that the actors and actresses that embody these characters practice. Imagine that after years of hard work, of study, of hustling and grinding to make your dreams come true to realize that such roles that made … Continue reading Why I Won’t Be Watching Iron Fist

January 2017 | Book Musings

Books have always been a source of education, of escapism, of exploration for me and as we enter 2017 I’m readying myself to dive even further into books and all the different stories, journeys, and histories that make up human existence on Earth. On top of challenging myself to read at least 50 books this year and reading even more diversely, I’ve added two additional … Continue reading January 2017 | Book Musings

Book Musings: Part Trois

Fall is officially here which means we are smack dab in the middle of the fall book season. I’ve just reached my 50th book mark in my 50 Book Pledge for 2016 (YAS!) which means that my self-imposed book buying ban has ended. (I’ve already purchased some new books and they are currently in transit.) One of my main goals this year was to read … Continue reading Book Musings: Part Trois

TV Wish List: Arrow Season 5

Arrow enters its fifth season come October, making it the longest running live-action comic book based series currently on air. Arrow was the vanguard when it first began, ushering in this new wave of comic book based television that had not been seen in a long time. It was dark (well as dark as you can get on The CW), visceral, gritty, unapologetic at times, … Continue reading TV Wish List: Arrow Season 5