Winter 2020 | Reflection

Hi, it’s been a while. Spring is finally on the horizon. Well, hopefully, because I’m really tired of the snow and shovelling and the cold, bone-chilling winter weather. These last two months have felt like the longest two months of the whole year, January in particular. It felt like the first month of the New Year would not end and just kept going and going … Continue reading Winter 2020 | Reflection

Reflections | Summer 2019

September is my reset. It’s the month that I hit restart. It is the most natural month to do so after spending the majority of my life in school. And after the summer that I had, it’s the best way to start things anew for the upcoming months ahead. My summer didn’t turn out the way that I had expected to. I had decided that … Continue reading Reflections | Summer 2019

Reflections | May 2019

Sometimes one needs a change. You’ve got to switch things up and move things around. Start afresh. Doing the same thing over and over again gets repetitive. You feel like you’re stuck, that you’re stagnating, and that you’ve lost the momentum to move forward. May is Asian Heritage Month in Canada and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPIH) in the US. It’s been a month … Continue reading Reflections | May 2019