Superhero Showdown #11

Apr 4 – 8  Destiny. Fate. Is it inevitable? Is it set in stone? Do our choices matter in the grand scheme of thing? Can we change it? Can we change the future? Can we become the masters of our fate? Or are we already walking on a path that has been determined already? These were the questions asked, pondered and answered on the superhero-ridden … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #11

Superhero Showdown #9

Mar 21 – 25  Goodbyes are rarely easy. Sometimes they are amicable, filled with good wishes, happy partings and excitement, bubbling anticipation for the next meeting. Other times, they are marred in heartbreak, tears, disillusionment, a healthy dose of anger, possibly bloodshed, and shots of alcohol as it’s chaser. Goodbyes were seen and heard aplenty on this week’s superhero-laden lane of television and they definitely … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #9

Superhero Showdown #8

Mar 7 – 18 Is it better to emerge from the darkness of night, footsteps unheard and shadows hidden, or arise in a blinding booming light for all to see? That’s the question that all try to answer on superhero ridden-lane in this supersized two-week showdown. You know the rules: 5 shows, 3 rounds, and only 1 victor. Due to Arrow and The Flash’s mini-hiatuses … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #8