Ultimate Superhero Showdown 2016

If you turn on your television on any given the day of the week you’re sure to find a television show that is based on a comic book and its characters. This increase comic book based shows have reached a new height not seen in live action television before. These shows come in many different forms: amazing ones, good ones, campy ones, ones that follow … Continue reading Ultimate Superhero Showdown 2016

Superhero Showdown #15

May 2 – 6 “Doubt thou the stars are fire, doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.” (Well, unless you’re Ray Palmer, then you should probably reconsider considering your relationship track record.) Doubt played upon the minds of all our heroes this week on the superhero-riddled lane of television and my, did it take a … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #15

Superhero Showdown #14

Apr 25 – 29 Acceptance isn’t always easy. It’s a process. In the beginning, we may fight against it, we thrash, we struggle, and we protest, ignore the truth of the situation and turn on our blinders. But slowly, the truth bleeds through the fantasy and the reality of the situation sinks in and acceptance occurs. There may be anger, pain, tears and heartbreak but … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #14

Superhero Showdown #13

Apr 18 – 22  What words, what thoughts, what emotions come to mind when you think of family? Blood? Choice? Lineage? Friendship? Loyalty? Love? Support? Trust? Belief? Binds? Sacrifice? Guidance? The swirling maelstrom of what family is what our heroes tried to understand and unravel in this week’s stroll down the superhero-ridden lane of television. You know the rules: 5 shows, 3 rounds, and only 1 … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #13

Superhero Showdown #9

Mar 21 – 25  Goodbyes are rarely easy. Sometimes they are amicable, filled with good wishes, happy partings and excitement, bubbling anticipation for the next meeting. Other times, they are marred in heartbreak, tears, disillusionment, a healthy dose of anger, possibly bloodshed, and shots of alcohol as it’s chaser. Goodbyes were seen and heard aplenty on this week’s superhero-laden lane of television and they definitely … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #9

Superhero Showdown #6

Feb 22 – 26  Whether it’s by way of a slip of a tongue or a forceful extraction, the majority of secrets always have a way of revealing themselves. They are insidious little things, burrowing into every little crevice of one’s life, just patiently waiting. When those secrets turn into lies as well, the consequences from the reveal can be quite brutal (just ask Oliver … Continue reading Superhero Showdown #6